No one protects me

I baked a "gingerbread house"

take me to the candyshop

it's like...

i'm sober

Save your breath

I stayed up again

r u sure?

i'm afraid of losing you

I hold my breath

it's all gone

oh lalalala

dogs, dogs, dogs

On and on

My pink little friend


it's getting darker now

you spin me right round














I don't like you


eat my dust


I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

just one tear



there's no place like heaven

they don't care about us


the witness

ghost town

i'll be the princess

diamonds are a girls best friend

better than any vaccine

it's just the beginning

total disaster

raindrops keep fallin' on my head

I want summer... NOW!

this is where i belong

have i told you lately that i love you?

i thought it would be better

don't you hear what i'm sayin' ?

breakin' bread


part 3

sång för liv 2

sång för liv

love of my life

all I really want is to hold you tight

I'm fucking bored!

The Empty Box Company

I know I have felt like this before, but I really don't know in what context, or when I felt that way. But I know that it has existed before.
I wish I could remember

The more I had to change I'd just stay the same

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